A open letter to Serena Williams.

Dear Serena, 

Yesterday you played in the women’s singles finals at Wimbledon and although playing amazingly the result wasn’t what you was hoping for. As an athlete myself I know how much you wanted to win that trophy (again, because let’s not forget sis you have won at Wimbledon 7 times!!). I know all the blood, sweat and tears it has taken to get where you are today. The two-a-days, the hours and hours you have put in on the court, the strict diets, the missing out on friends and family time. I know this all too well. Obviously I have never played at the level you have played at, or accomplished what you have. You’re the GOAT, but I have been an elite athlete and can relate. 

Do you know what was different yesterday to all the other times you have stepped foot on that Wimbledon court? You stepped on that court as Olympia’s Mother. You took 9 months to grow this human to then go through relentless hours of labour, to then have an emergency c-section where you almost died!!! You almost died to ensure your human was brought into this world in the safest way possible. Then just 10 months later you was back on the court, not just any court, the ‘Centre court’ at Wimbledon playing for a trophy. If you ask me sis, you have WON already. 

I know how hard it is to be a mother who is an athlete. I too went through a similar labour with complications after complications. My child and myself both had infections, it was a nightmare. The recovery from
the c-section was not all unicorns and fairy’s at all it was damn hard. The athlete inside of me said that I would be back on that court in 4 months and I was. It was not easy, my mind still thought I could move like pre-baby Lauren... I couldn’t. I was carrying extra weight, I couldn’t do anything how I used to. This in itself was tough mentally. I cried in practice, I cried in the gym, I cried when I got home from games out of guilt and frustration because I hadn’t seen my baby all day. I too missed out on some of my sons Hendrix’s milestones because I was at practice or at a game. 

But why? Why put ourselves through all the heartache? Why leave your child just to bounce a basketball or to hit a tennis ball? FOR the love of the game of course and the love for our children. Every sprint, every drill, every day lost travelling, every time I was knocked to the floor or took a hit to my scar, I kept on going. I envisioned Hendrix taking my winners medal into his school and speaking about how proud he was of his momma. That’s why I done it. That’s why it meant so much to me. That’s why when my team won that final game, we posed for the media and our captain held up the trophy. I held up my son. That’s why out of all the awards and trophies I have ever won this one meant so much more to me. As a mother we now have little people we want to make proud. We want them to look up to us and see what we have accomplished before them and then as their mothers. A mothers love is something that cannot be put into words. Your child won’t even realise how much you love them until they become a parent themselves and you won’t realise just how much your children follow your path until they have their own to teach. 

From one mother to another I want to thank you for getting back on that court, it showed tremendous determination, incredible strength and hell of a lot of courage. You might of lost on the court yesterday but you win everyday at motherhood. There will be women everywhere that will read the headlines, read your story and find strength. Your achievement translates past sports and we thank you so much.

OH and I don’t know if you know this BUT you’re the greatest to ever do it. You are the definition of a winner!!!! Your daughter will be telling all of her friends on the playground one day of how great you are, trust me! 

Thank you, 

Lo x 

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