The Bod

The Logo

The Woman



…is open for your interpretation, this is why you can only see her outline, this is why she only shows you one side.

All women come in different shapes and sizes. All women do different things throughout their day. All women have had different walks of life so far. 

All women are her.


When you look at ‘The Bod’ you cannot tell what music she is in to, how much money she makes or what kind of car she drives. These things do not matter to her, these things do not define her womanhood.

Looking at her, you cannot be sure if she is a size 6, a size 12 or a size 22. She isn't mindful of what society deems acceptable. Society’s opinion has no weight on her decisions. 

What you can be sure of is that although all of her isn't visible, she most definitely isn't hiding. 

She flaunts her figure, she rocks her mom bun, she is equipped with her winged eyeliner and she is ready to take on the world. 

She humbly knows her worth, she oozes confidence and does it in the only way she knows how; HER WAY.

She stays in stride as she looks over her shoulder. Nothing will stop her from achieving her greatness. She looks back not in remembrance of her past but in acceptance of what made her the amazing being she is.

She implores you to do the same, she encourages you to find that strength, to seek that reason to show off your greatness.


 When you wear that logo you do more than show a brand. 

You display YOUR interpretation of her, You show off YOUR greatness.