Mumbod 'Sweat More' Belt

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‘Sweat More’ during your workout & feel supported through every step.

(IMPORTANT: Please use size guide before purchase to ensure correct fit of compression)

Designed with our top-of-the-line SweatMore™ technology lining which blends neoprene and silver ion coating to trap & magnify body heat generated during exercise. This band helps you sweat more around your full torso, reducing water weight. The medium level compression strap and selectively placed rods work together to provide stability & support whilst still giving you an unrestricted feeling during any movement. Silver ion coating lines the inside of the belt providing anti-bacteria properties to prevent that sweaty smell. Finally the belt provides a layer of protection for your stomach area, perfect for new moms and anyone conscious of any jiggly or tender areas, boosting your confidence to perform and achieve your best results.
Neoprene and cotton
Silver Ion coating
SweatMore™ technology
One velcro compression strap 
Zipper fastening 
Back support 
Full torso coverage
Outer - Polyester70%, Nylon 10% Spandex 10% and PU 10%.
Inner - Neoprene Rubber, Silver Ion Coating
Wash Care: We recommend hand washing this item with mild soap in warm water, to maintain the quality and strength of the materials. Air dry garment by hanging or lay flat to dry. Do not bleach, do not iron.
Sizing: Runs small to provide a tight compressed fit. Available in sizes S - 2XL (3XL - 6XL coming soon).
If you have questions about your size, please read our Size Guide. 
More Details
Proven to get faster results during workouts with our science backed, SweatMore™ technology which increases sweat production whilst providing support and compression.

This belt is easier to get on, making use of a double-adjustment velcro strap instead of massive hooks. These also ensure the compression and heat is applied no matter how your body shape changes as they can be adjusted.

For those who have just given birth and feel a little conscious/ anxious of the stomach area, the belt can provide a physical layer of protection against any unwanted contact, a visual layer and a mental boost to help stay focused on your workout.

Our SweatMore belt is flexible in the right places and provides tons of support to your back. Lower back issues can be managed as the belt functions as a compression binder around the waist offering lumbar support, pain relief, and improved posture.
Excellent for back support while working out and/ or lifting heavy weight.

This belt can be worn during any type of exercise and can also be worn underneath your clothes during day to day activities. Walking the dog, playing with your children, even cleaning the house can be supported using the belt and a sweat can always be generated. The full body SweatMore belt is designed to be tighter than the Mumbod Sweat Belt and has greater coverage of body area. If you feel yourself being dizzy or short of breath during cardio, please remove until that exercise is over being wearing the belt again. Use lighter cardio sessions or shorter periods of exercise time to work up being used to the compression that the belt will apply to your body.


Runs small for compression design. Size up from your regular size if you want a more comfortable feel.