Calling all my GIRLS!

Who bares the children? GIRLS. Who gives birth? GIRLS. Who's body gets mashed up? GIRLS. Who has to deal with Post Partum Depression? GIRLS. Who has to deal with self confidence after a baby? GIRLS. Who has to deal with finding themselves again after giving birth? GIRLS. Who has Mother Nature visit them every damn month? GIRLS. Who goes to work? GIRLS. Who's a stay at home mom? GIRLS. Who comes home and cleans the house? GIRLS. Who washes the kids clothes? GIRLS. Who folds the kids clothes? GIRLS. Who cooks the dinner? GIRLS. Who cleans up the sick and shit? GIRLS. When the relationship breaks down who has to mend their broken heart? GIRLS. When he cheats who loses confidence? GIRLS. Who gets dressed to go out and looks in the mirror like "ughhhhh I look awful"? GIRLS. 


Ladies we have all at some point been through the same struggles but those struggles and overcoming them is what make us dope ass women! We create life, DO YOU KNOW HOW FUCKIN AWESOME THIS IS? After having Hendrix I legit feel like a marvel character; She Hulk. No man can tell me shiiiiiiiiit after being pregnant for 26 years and then having a C-section. All those mommies that are stay at home mothers and look after the kids and make your house a home... that's hard work momma. All those working mommies that are grinding hard so their little nugget can have no worries when they are older. All the single mothers... shit I tip my hat to you all, you are doing everything in your power to provide for your mini me. Sometimes that means sacrificing time with your little one to make that money. All the woman out there chasing their careers that they have dreamed of, you are setting yourself and your family up for the best future. We all have the same exact goals, we all want the best for our families and for ourselves. 


It blows my mind when women hate on each other for no particular reason because like I have already said we have alllll at some point been through the same SHIT. I may be in a dope ass relationship now but trust me when I say I have been through my fair share of fuckboys. I have been in a abusive relationship, I have been in a long distance relationship; that was an epic fail, I have had my heart broken more than once. I have been at rock bottom and had to pick myself back up and I'm sure I am not the only one. So why do we hate on our fellow woman?


Next time you find yourself judging/side eyeing the next chick, be considerate. She might be going through some shit you have been through or some shit you are going to go through. 

We need G-Code aka GIRL CODE. I'm not talking hairy fairy bollocks where we all need to walk down the street and wave at every single woman we see. It seems like we only ever want to unite when men have disrespected us, yet in the same breath we will cuss a girl out for her skirt being too short, or her tits being on show. If she has a good pair of tits GET THEM OUT girl, and let her know "guuurll yo tittys are poppin...YESSS", if she's twerking in the club ladies go over an throw a note on that twerk with her, throw that ass in a circle. All woman around the world are working on trying to be a better women than they were yesterday. So let's unite ladies no better day to start than today Wednesday the 8th of March. Happy International Womans Day 🙌🏽💪🏽👊🏽

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