Does My Happiness Offend You?

This morning as I got Ley/Leyanah/Renaè (I actually don't know what to call her anymore...i might get judged) dressed for our day out to Blackpool and we was watching the movie Trolls. For all those who haven't seen this movie basically the Trolls are super duper happy and the Bergens are not. The Bergens are miserable and they think by kidnapping the Trolls and eating them that it will bring them happiness. It's mad, with everything that's been going on in my life at the moment I sat there and really learnt a life lesson from this movie, for real... Cheers Dreamworks.

There was one character that really stood out to me and that was Bridget. She's a Bergen (one of the unhappy bastards) a very lost and confused soul. She lived amongst all these miserable Bergens that are used to living by a stereotype; they are to be unhappy unless they consume happiness from a Troll by eating them. This is all the Bergens have known for years but Bridget doesn't quite get why she needs to take someone else's happiness to make herself happy. Bridget is torn between who she 'should' be and who she wants to be. She has these feelings where she wants to love and be happy with another Bergen. However she thinks feeling this way is wrong because she's "supposed" to be unhappy. It's only when Bridget comes in to contact with the Trolls and she listens to their perspective does she realise that the Trolls do not have to take from anyone else in order to be happy. The Trolls want to be truly and unapologetically happy, they want to sing, they want to dance because thats whats makes them happy. Bridget learns from them and they encourage her to showcase her feelings towards this other Bergen who she is secretly in love with. It just so happens that the person she is in love with happens to be the King of all Bergens and he makes the decisions over the whole Bergen population. Due to her expressing herself to him and showing that love can bring so much joy and happiness he too realises they don't have to eat a Troll. He declares then that no Bergens will eat another Troll again they must go out and find their own happiness in whatever that may be.

This really got me thinking. Social media is full of opinionated arse holes aka Bergens. Let's be honest, social media has given miserable people a platform to be more miserable and made people think that there opinion NEEDS to be heard on a daily basis. When really opinions are like arse holes; everyone has them and most are full of shit. Don't get me wrong, people are entitled to their own opinion but not everyone is entitled to listen to it, that's the difference. I use social media a great deal or the haters would say I PLASTER everything on social media. Sidebar let me just address this righhhhhhhht her.... I like to open up for lack of better words I am social, I show off myself and my family, last time Ichecked it was MY/MINE/LAURENS/MY MUTHAFUCKIN SOCIAL MEDIA. So if you do not follow me why da fuq are you searching for my name to make yourself mad?! Anyway...It makes me laugh actually when I was single and popping my ass, pure thirst traps, on the Gram I was getting the usual "yessss bitchhhhh don't stop, pop that don't stop, get it get it", legit encouragement to be a thot. Of course I got the occasional hater but compared to the hate I get now because I have a blended family, goodnesssss. Let me be clear I have a lot and I mean ALOT of people reaching out to me with very very positive vibes and I appreciate every last one of you. I am however human, a negative comment can sometimes fuck you up. Especially when I feel it isn't justified at all, it's just miserable people mad because you are not miserable like them. I am a very fair human being, I believe in right or wrong no matter my feelings. I think this is why i value my best friends, if i am being a dick they will most definitely tell me. In a way I'm a Troll, if i want to dance like a twat on snap chat then I'm going to dance like a twat. I want to be happy, i crave happiness. Like I have mentioned before I have been to rock bottom and if I'm honest i was my own worst enemy when i was there. I spent a lot of my teens and early 20's being a negative nancy, seeing the bad in everything, being very bitter. I wasn't focusing on my own happiness instead I was searching within others for happiness.

We have to remember misery loves company. People do not want to see you happy especially if they are not where they want to be in their life. The Bergen's eventually figured this out, that taking happiness from someone else is not going to make you truly happy. You have to search and figure that out for yourself. I personally don't think another human can make you happy either, don't get me wrong i love Ryan to death, he's the best thing since pockets. However he is not my happiness...I AM. Same when it comes to my family and friends, they add to my happiness, they amplify it. They are not the reason i am happy...I AM. Honestly...Truly I almost let a hater dampen my happiness, BUT NAWWWW not today babe. I will contine to live in my happy little bubble, singing, dancing and laughing with my people. If that offends you, I have said it once and i will say it again; if you don't like me, the way i write, the way i live my life...YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FUCKIN WATCH!

Moral of the story be a Troll, not an internet Troll, a Troll Troll, a Dreamworks whatever you want that makes you happy, don't be a Bergen you miserable sod.

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