Haters Gonna Hate.

It's very clear I am no JK Rowling. When I decided to start my blog it wasn't going to be a blog based on the English language or the correct fuckin usage of a semi mutha living colon. So to everyone that keeps reaching out to tell me my blog is poorly written, I KNOW IT IS!! Ya dickhead! I am fully aware that it is written shit because I write how I talk and I don't talk in the queens english (soz liz). The joke is half of these haters probably don't speak properly either nor do thy write like thy William Shakespeare. I'm not going to lie a couple of nasty comments on Instagram and on DaBlog did discourage me. I thought about just giving up, deleting my blog and turning my comments off on Instagram. BUTTTTTTT thank GOD I'm in tune with my star MF'in player. I'm going no damn where (YOU MAD...ha).

I have always had to have thick skin. I left home (Manchester, England) at 16 to live in America to play basketball. I was on my own NO parents, NO family, nada, it was just me myself and I. I had to be my own mom, dad, auntie, uncle. I had to be my own support system out there and at 16 it was very difficult to handle. It was so hard because sometimes I would hear someone talking shit about me in the halls in high school and it would really hurt my feelings. I would go home and cry, why don't people like me? Why don't people want to be my friend? What's wrong with me? I had to grow up pretty quick and learn how to be strong for me. It was a learning curve for me to to understand that I'm not going to be everyone's cup of tea, I had to teach myself to be okay with that.

I am not an Olympic athlete today because a coach just didn't like me. Back in 2011 just before the Olympics were held in London I bust my ass to get on the Great Britain National Basketball Team. My hard work finally paid off, I made the squad. Leading up to the Olympics my coach gave me 101 different things he wanted me to work on. He wanted me to lose weight (my basketball playing weight is about 170lb that's about 12.4 stone 77kgs) this is exactly what I did i lost the weight and got down to 160lb, 10lb below my "playing weight" because that's what he wanted. He also wanted me to work on my quickness (I was already pretty fuckin quick...my game was my quickness) and he wanted me to play point guard. For all my basketballers I'm a 2/3 never played point in my life. Non-basketballers; what he basically wanted me to do was some shit I had never done. BUT leading up to the Olympics I played a whole season at point guard. May 2012 came when we had to enter Camp annnnnnd when I tell you I made every test they gave me my bitch. I killed the 20 yard sprint and the damn bleep test thing which I HATE. I played so well I felt good, I had done what he had asked for and more I was sure this was my year. For him in June to bring me into a meeting to say "Mate (he was Australian) you're just not what I'm looking for, you are just not what I want on this team, I need a point guard..." Da FUQQQQQ. I was devastated/heart broken . I had worked my whole life to become an Olympic athlete and it was taken away from me because my face just didn't fit. It broke me down, all the way down in fact but I got back up and I'm a better person because of that experience.

I started my blog for everyone to get a little insight into the life of Lo. I am no celebrity, I'm just a normalish person doing normalish people shit. I spent most of my day yesterday with Hendrix's shit in my hair, legit normal Wednesday for me. I want people to read my blog and not fuckin spell check it. I want people to read and get the message within all the grammatical errors. I want people to read and think "Thank god I'm not the only one with shit in my hair." You have to get to a place where you cannot let the negativity outweigh the positivity. I have had so much more positive feed back about my blog, snapchats and Instagram... SHOUT OUT TO YOU ALL... mwahhh from Henni and I. It's been refreshing to speak to mommas, non-mommas, soon to be mommas about their experiences. Why would I let some dickhead like Kate with her negative nancy, keyboard warrior, grammar loving self, spoil something that's so positive and great?

This is a little hairy fairy which is so not me but you have to stay true to who you are and what you believe in. My good friend Ebonie Williams said on her snap today "A Hater holds on to your bad times more than you do." 


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👆🏽👆🏽 that's for the haters because I know you will all be reading this and you all love grammar so much...mwah. 


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