Love Will Always Conquer Hate.

I am not really a person to speak on “celebrity’s” passing away. Mostly because I don't know that person, so I feel like who the fuck am I to speak on something so sensitive? However last night as I laid in bed, I received a dickhead text message at 12.30am about some bullshit that could have waited until the morning. Anyway, Ryan and I after being disturbed both somehow found ourselves on our phones, so cliche right? As I refreshed my Instagram, TheShadeRoom popped up and the head line read “Nipsey Hussle Passed Away After Being Fatally Shot”. I turned to Ryan right away and was like “ what the actual fuck.” This coming no more than a week after Cliff Dixon passed away. That name might mean nothing to you but I know quite a few people that the name means a lot to. He too was also fatally shot, on the way into his birthday party, YES you read that correctly. He was about to celebrate his life and his life was taken away from him. I have met Cliff through friends of friends but he was not someone I knew on a personal level, yet his death shooked my spirit also. 


Not only are these deaths WAY too soon as they both had a lot more life in them, it was taken sadly due to violence. Violence has never EVER solved anything in a positive way, violence just creates MORE AND MORE violence. I live in England and there are young black men in London, Manchester, Birmingham stabbing one another on a daily basis in broad daylight and NOT ENOUGH is being done about these violent acts. I just don't know what is going on with our community anymore. I myself am raising a black man and my heart is breaking everyday for Hendrix, is this supposed to be his norm? Is this what he will be used to seeing on the news/social media accounts. “RIP this black man, RIP that black man”. NO, this is not fucking normal and I refuse to have my son grow up thinking it is.


Then you have someone like Nipsey, someone who was genuinely trying to give back to his community. He didn’t follow all the usual; I'm a rapper so let me rap about money, hoes and jewellery. He rapped about real shit, he spoke on HIS truth and that alone is powerful as fuck. He was a whole philanthropist and now he's gone. After reading about his passing last night I found it really hard to get back to sleep. Now do not get me wrong I am no super fan I listen to his music hear and there but this still hit me on a different level. I was tossing and turning and I woke up this morning so emotional. I put myself in Lauren London’s (his partner) shoes; she has lost her soul mate, her whole heart. As a mother she has to go home and look her son in the face and tell her child that his father will not be coming home. That little boy will not get kisses from daddy again, when he falls and hurts his knee daddy won’t be there to tell him it’s going to be alright. Lauren has to get in to the bed she once shared with him and when she rolls over in the night to grab him, he won’t be there. We all do this. As much as we wish they would stay on their side of the bed, when they lay beside you, we like to check that they are still there and that warms our heart. She won’t be able to do that. His whole family will be shook by these daily reminder that he is no longer here. 


I speak on this because you never know when your last day will be, kiss your loved ones more, make a little more of an effort. Let go of the negativity and project positivity into your family and friends. Go that extra mile to put a smile on someone’s face, do that little bit extra to bring someone joy because once we are gone you won't be able to do any of that anymore.I f there is one common positive thing that I have noticed about the deaths of these great black men, it is the impact they had. Every single tribute to both Cliff and Nipsey has been about how they have made said person feel. They were both successful professionals in their respective fields yet every single comment has been about how interactions with them made someone feel good. How the music they made and the message they spread left people feeling empowered, happy and inspired. Numbers, awards and statistics will tell a story but the true story will be left in the memories of those whose paths you crossed. Those memories will not be based on things you accomplished, money you earned or places you went to…but they will based on how your words and actions made them feel.  Don’t leave it until it’s too late. Tell you're loved ones you love them because once gone they won’t be able to hear you. 


Love will always conquer hate! 



My sincerest condolences to Cliff Dixon’s family and to the family of Nipsey Hussle at this time.



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