My Balance Is Off (Again)

It’s been way too long, I need more time to sit and write blogs because I actually miss doing it, I find it so therapeutic. Anyway how are you guys? What have you guys been up to? Well a lot has been going on over here. Leyanah won some gymnastics medals, she also turned 6 (WTF) and its the end of the summer holidays so she's about to start year 2 (again WTF). Hendrix has also turned 3, he’s almost full potty trained (so we thought), he's going into preschool (again WTF why are my kids growing so fast?) and he is flourishing into the most stubborn, hard headed, amazing three year old. As for me…well, have you guys seen that MEME that says “Sis...Quit that job, start that business, write that blog, start that podcast." WELL I AM SIS, thats exactly what I did. I handed my notice in at work, I had over stayed my welcome there. 5 years on and no progression had me crawling the walls, it was time for me to move on. So yeah, I quit my job and I’m in the process of starting my business; MUMBOD. Ryan and I have been busting our asses when it comes to MUMBOD. I honestly underestimated how hard building a business/brand was going to be. We had to find the right manufacture for the sweat belts, we are building a website, waiting for the product to come, sorting packaging, address labels, Stickers, while trying to be a mum/bonus mum/dad/girlfriend/boyfriend shits hard as hell. My balance has been completely off and yesterday I lost it. 

Hendrix has been doing really well with potty training, he's finally, finally, FINALLY GOT IT.  He will take himself to the potty, when we are out and about he will tell me he needs the toilet and he only wears a pull up to bed. Last week we went swimming together, he loved his whole life but when we got home he pee’d on the floor twice. Yes piss everywhere. I didn’t shout at him as accidents happen. After his accidents he did take himself to the potty for the rest of the day so I just wrote it off as a little accident. Then the next day I picked him up from nursery and he had two accidents there too. They told me that this sometimes happens with boys, they regress. Then he had 4 more accidents at home and my house now smells of piss no matter how much I clean it. Yesterday he pee’d on my sofa and I lost it with him I shouted at him, NO I screamed at him, he screamed back, I cried , he cried it was a whole mess, BUT he must be doing it on purpose now i thought. In actual fact it had nothing to do with Hendrix, it was my fault/our fault for his regression. I felt so guilty and bad for shouting at him.

I have never been the strictest on bedtimes and nap times as I think he's only young once and when he goes to school he's going to NEED to be on pretty strict schedule then so I want to enjoy my toddler. If that means right now my baby wants to stay up later because he wants to do a show, or dance to his favourite songs with mummy and daddy well thats what we will do. Also if he wants to have a danger nap (danger nap= any nap taken after 3pm) he's going to have a nap. I’m just pretty laid back when it comes to mumming him, I think this is because I'm so uptight as a person I promised myself I wouldn't be like that as a mother. Also Ryan and I have also been eating later and letting Hendrix go on the iPad till late so that we have time to work a little longer on MUMBOD. In all honesty I have dropped the ball as a mother. We have all been staying up later so lack of sleep has me irritable, I’m shouting at Hendrix when I usually wouldn’t and he’s been having more tantrums, pissing on the floor and it’s not his fault it’s MY fault. 

I mean the amazing thing about toddlers they are so forgiving, meanwhile I have woke up this morning feeling guilty for shouting at him, guilty for dropping the ball when it comes to his needs. It’s time to get him on a healthy routine the late nights are not helping any of us. So it's time to get us all back on track starting around 7pm. Bath, story time and bedtime around 7:30/8. I think he will adapt to the new routine pretty easily because he’s a good kid. I have said this before and I will say it again there’s no rule book when it comes to being a parent. As a baby he was in a really good routine it’s just as he got older I got a little more lenient with his routine as I never saw any negative effect, up until the pissing all over my house fiasco. I just hope Hendrix knows that mummy was just so excited about what MUMBOD will be, I didn’t realise I had started to overlook what was happening now. Momma just wants to get you that house with the big garden you and your sister keep asking for. We will not be dwelling on this, Momma is working on balancing everything as best she can. MUMMY & DADDY got YOU son!


 UPDATE 13/9/2019:

As mentioned above, MUMBOD has taken over everything. We are so close to launching and I just want it to be perfect. So the above blog that was written two weeks ago has been sitting here being overlooked. HENDRIX HOWEVER has not been. I re-balanced my efforts and immediately corrected his routine. He has positively responded to it. He has stopped peeing everywhere and is a much happier baba. I am much happier. His pre-school transition has gone really well. He loves his new class and all his new friends. He rarely fights back at bed time and sleeps all the way through with no issues. The only bad point i would say is now, he is bright eyed and bushy tailed EARLIER than usual. This means BEFORE my alarm Hendrix is usually in our bedroom slapping us both across the face asking to go to the lounge. I will take this though because Hendrix is thriving. 

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