Self Love is KEY!!

The month of April was C-section awareness month. I saw tons and tons of positive and up lifting posts from different women about their C-sections. The general points were that most mothers when having a C-section felt like they had not had a baby in the “right” way because it wasn’t “natural”. Also mothers that have had C-sections felt like their whole body were a shambles because of the “huge” scar they now have. I too have felt those things. I felt I let myself down because I didn’t have Hendrix vaginally because I so badly wanted to have him the “normal” way. However, in all honesty, there’s no normal way when it comes to having a child. It’s whatever the safest way is. C-section or vaginally are both fuckin hard let’s be honest, labour isn’t a walk in the park. Whether you’re in labour for 2 hours or two days those 2 hours are a bitch and those 2 days are alsoooooo a MF bitch. When it comes to getting your little nugget out we automatically go into survival mode, protect my cub mode. So if it means taking my arm to get him out, DO IT,  I guess I’m badgyal1arm from now as long as the baba is safe! 

In regards to our bodies... DO NOT feel bad for feeling like shit about the scar/stretch marks. I say this because I spent 28 years of my life with this body and then BOOM September 8th; I now have a new scar and a ton of stretch marks. I hate that people say “get over it at least you have a child”, well actually Susan I will not just ‘get over it’. I’m learning to love my new body and that shit is hard when I currently have 30,000 hormones going through my body. Then you have social media showing you all the women that have incredible bodies after having a baby. Meanwhile you’re sitting there nipples leaking milk, boobs sore as fuck, C-section scar throbbing, wearing a pad as thick as a pillow because no one told you that after a baby you will bleed for what feels like a decade. Self love is KEY in everyone but for someone that’s just had a baby self love is MAJOR. The majority of us will have a whole new body that we need to get to know and start loving. This will take time and patience. Shiiiiiit 19 months in and I’m only just now looking in the mirror and for once saying “yessssss bitch you looook fuckin good, you better werkkkkkkkkk”. 

So with C-section awareness month coming to its close that doesn’t mean we have to stop being aware. For the rest of these months that we are being a kick ass mother, aka FOREVER, I want you to continue to focus on self love. Be kinder to yourself; tell yourself something nice about your body. We find it so much easier to believe the truth when something POSITIVE comes from someone else. In the same light, we find it just as easy to believe its truth when something NEGATIVE comes from ourselves. Why is that? You think there’s something wrong by looking in the mirror and thinking, well done! Badgyal, your skin looks bumtings? It is much more powerful believing what you tell yourself, hearing it from others is great but if you have the best opinion of yourself then there’s not much else that can faze you. So go work on that, have an honest conversation with yourself. Start with appreciating how you have gotten to where you are, then point out whats changed that you LIKE. Follow up with the things you don’t like and what YOU WANT TO DO to change them. Then go right back to that fucking thing you saw that you like and high five the shit out of yourself. Don’t let someone else determine if you should love your body or not. It doesn’t matter how a baby is brought into this world, all I know is women are the strongest, most courageous, bad asses EVER. 

WE create life, WE give birth and then our bodies continue to nurture them. What an incredible body you have MOMMAS!

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