Stretch Marks and Scars.

I uploaded a picture of my post pregnancy belly a couple of days ago, stretch marks, scars and all on Instagram...which went viral. The reaction was incredible (had a few haters! BUT if ain't got no haters you ain't poppin, right?) The amount of mommies that reached out to me to let me know they felt the exact same way was refreshing to know I'm not the only one. 

I have always been quite a confident person, but lord after carrying my son, putting on 27476lbs and pretty much giving zero phux about what I ate whilst pregnant; when i say i was an elephant while pregnant, I WAS legit the size of a 3 bedroom house. I retained so much water. After giving birth to my Son Hendrix, by giving birth i mean being in labour for 22 hours having almost every doctor in the hospital put their hand up my flower (this is what we call a VAGINA in our house) and a C-section later. Hendrix was here but was born with an infection so we had to spend 7 fucking awful days in the hospital (oh yeah I cuss a lot, sorry mum, if you offend easily this probably ain't the blog for you) After 7 days we was able to go home. When I got home I had access to a full length mirror, lets just say I cried ALOT every time i looked at myself. I had really loose skin which I thought look awful, I had this HUGE scar across my belly, my belly button.... OH my lovely inny belly button looked like a car crash and all I could see was stretch marks EVERYWHERE!! I felt so unattractive... my body was ruined. 

ERMMMMM it's been 7 days why was i still fat, why wasn't I instantly skinny like all the celebs on Instagram, why didn't I fit into my jeans immediately after giving birth? WHY?.... BECAUSE you just had a damn baby YOU idiot!!! I was so mean to myself immediately after giving birth, I had all these unreasonable and completely stupid expectations. If I'm going to be completely honest I was being so unbelievably selfish to my new born son worrying about the wrong shit. 

Once I started to focus on my baby boy and not my waistline that's when I started to love my new body. I stopped over thinking, I stopped worrying about what the outsiders would think of my new body. When Hendrix looks at me he didn't care at alllll, he looks and smiles at me everyday (mostly because I'm holiding his milk, LOL) he doesn't care about mommas waistline so why should momma? I want us mommies that have grew, carried and birthed life to be kinder to ourselves. It took 9 months to cook them (they lie, ain't no 9 damnnnn months I was definitely pregnant for 2 years). It's going to take us longer to get back to even half of what we use to be. In that time I want you all to everyday look at your stretch marks and c-section scars, no matter how big or small they may be and remember what an amazing creature you are and what you have just put your body through. 


Mommies, our bodies are books now that tell the BEST love story. So when you are looking for your bathing suit this summer don't be ashamed to get them stretch marks/scars out, let others read that book, and if they judge FUCK UM! YOU'RE A BESTSELLER MOMMA 😘 

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