Terrible 2s!

Ugggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bruhhhhhh being a mother is harrrrrrd and getting harder with this two year old that just doesn’t want to co-operate with me ever. Hendrix is now at the age where everything is NO, Hendrix you want to go to the park?... NO. Hendrix are you hungry?...NO. Hendrix what’s your name?...NO. Hendrix say yes.....NO. His tantrums are just mind blowing. He legit had a full on melt down the other day because he wanted his shoes on...guess where his shoes where, YES you guessed it, on his damn feet. I mean I know they say terrible two’s and all that jazz but this is a whole new ball game for me. How are we supposed to reason with these little shits? I’m actually exhausted, I’m currently sat here while Hendrix eats his spaghetti watching the clock tick till bed time. And I know I know, we are not supposed to wish the time away. I’m supposed to cherish these moments with him.....BUT Nawwww I’m sorry, I need 7pm to roll around ASAP because this little hurricane just lost his mind once again because he wanted his cars. I go and get a car “no that one” and off he goes again throwing his head back, rolling around on the floor like a pillock. I’m frantically running to bedroom to find THE car... DO YOU know how many cars said 2 year old has?! So now I’m sat in my lounge surrounded by every single bastard car I have ever bought him. I almost drove my own car in to damn lounge just to shut him up. So yeah, ROLL on bedtime. 

Speaking of bedtime, NO one told me at two when they move to their own bed that bedtime becomes like the crystal maze. Every night it’s something new. The other night he wouldn’t relax and go to bed until he had every single car in bed with him. How that’s comfy I will never know. Then he wouldn’t go to bed until I put his sandals on him, then he had a melt down because he wanted to go to the shops but was hysterical because he didn’t know what he wanted from the shops. He eventually drop off but that comes after an hour of theatrics, I then proceeded to had half a bottle of wine. In his defence we have taken his dummy away and that was a massive soother for him and I think he’s feeling it. Let’s be honest if someone took wine away from me I would lose my shit also...so I get it. I will also hold my hands up because my head has been up my arse with various things going on around me, so his bedtime routine has gone to shit. Which is changing tonight! MUVA Lo is back on her shit and is grabbing bedtime by the toy cars and sandals and sorting it out. 

These tantrums though, I’m REALLLLLLLY learning how to not lose my shit with him. 

The other day I felt so awful because I did lose it. After a day of tantrums because I wouldn’t let him sit in the oven I was at my wits end. When we got home I sent him to my room and lost it, shouted “what is the matter with you for the love of god Hendrix calm down.” When in actual fact I needed to calm my ass down, he was just having a crap day. He’s TWO, he’s doing what a two year old is supposed to do. I felt awful though so I just cried in my room. I felt like such a shitty mum. What mother screams at their two year old like that? Who tells anyone to calm down and expects it to work? Never in the history of calm down has anyone ever calmed down from someone saying calm down...especially a two year old. He came in the room after that and acted oblivious to the fact that I had just lost my shit. I’m learning that toddlers are actually the most forgiving little humans, that or they have the memory of a fish. Either way Hendrix was no longer aware I lost my mind for a quick second and was still being his usual I’m going to kick off over the wrong crayon kinda two year old. 

Oh another lovely thing my two year old is doing is screaming LOLO at the top of his lungs when he wants my attention. I cooked this human for 9 months, almost died giving birth to him, does he call me mummy? NOOOOO he calls me LOLO. Why does he call me LOLO? because of his sister. Ley has always called me LoLo so because he hears his sister call me that he thinks now he has to call me that. The only reason i have a problem with it, is because he knooooooows it annoys me the little shit, so he does it all the more. We are out and about in Asda and he will scream LOLO!, I’m like it’s mummy he says NO! it’s LoLo 😩 why is he such a shit?

So yeah basically the two year mark is the wonder years, we are absolutely loving it. Tantrums will make you lose your mind, bedtime is like an episode of Takeshi's Castle and after all your hard work and weight gain they will refuse to call you mummy. Despite the tantrums, Hendrix is talking so much more, he is so funny, full of personality, he is happy & healthy and that’s all that matters. I must admit as hard as it gets sometimes, I wouldn’t trade hurricane Hendrix for the world. I actually like that we are learning and growing together one tantrum at a time. 

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