The BadgyalLO Home Workout #1 (Finally)

I have been promising this for sooooo long and I know, I know I haven’t kept my word but I’m a mom who’s trying to keep her shit together and sometimes finding the time to do anything for ME is difficult. Anyway enough moaning Lauren, let’s talk FITNESS!

As we all know after a baby our body does not snap back like the IG moms in a week, it takes time. 14 months on and I’m still working on my body. I have lost pretty much all my baby weight I just need to now TONE TONE TONE the F up. I had a C section so I try and base a lot of my workouts around building my core back up. Before Hendrix I was a professional basketball player so I incorporate basketball into my workouts a lot because that’s what I know. I am also back to playing basketball three times a week while doing my home/gym workouts. So these workouts alone will help you on your journey to losing the weight but cardio is a must, I get mine from basketball. Cardio can be anything from a walk with the kids to a jog around the local park. But as cliche as this will sound ‘the more you put in the more you will get out of it’. Same goes for my workouts, the more intensity you put in, the more your body will benefit. I do home and gym workouts, mostly home workouts as getting to the gym is a myth most days. So here’s one of the high intensity workouts I do in the living room, in the kitchen, in the hallway, in the bathroom, anywhere in the damn house while the kids are attached to my leg. 

Make sure you have good music playing, my go to’s are Future, Migos or Cardi B. Make sure you have plenty of water and enough space that u won’t fly kick your child across the room. 

In total this workout will take you 15 minutes, 12 minutes of work and 3 minutes of rest. There are 2 circuits that consist of 3 exercises, each lasting 1 minute long. Each circuit is repeated twice. These 2 sets of workouts will target your abdominal, hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, pectoral and core (basically your legs, ass, titty dem and stomach). 

Circuit # 1 

Slides x 1 minute 

Make out about a 2 and a half meter distance (I use a diaper and the wipes). Get down in a squat position, feet shoulder width apart, stay low, keep knees bent, back straight, head up and slide left to right between your markers. DO NOT let feet cross. 

Power jump & lift knees x 1 minute 

Feet shoulder width apart, back straight, head up, bend knees and sit down into a squat position. Power up, jump and raise knees towards your chest as high as possible. Landing back into the squat position, then power straight back up. This is a continuous movement. 

Two press ups & 8 mountain climbers x 1 minute

Hands in line with your shoulders, back straight, raising and lowing body to the floor and back by using arms. Press-up can be done with knees on or off the floor depending on how strong you are. 
While in press-up position (after your two press ups) keeping back strong from head to toe, bring the knees up to your chest while keeping back as straight as possible. 

Then 30 seconds rest! (Girl GO grab some water!!!) and REPEAT CIRCUIT 1 ABOVE! 

1 minute rest before starting circuit 2.

Circuit #2 

Squat kick

Squat position is a little bit wider so just outside shoulder width. Bend knees and squat down, back up and kick right leg, squat down come back up and kick left leg. 

Squat jump and turn 

Squat position legs should width apart with your back straight. Bend knees and squat down. Power up into a jump and make a 180 degree turn in the air. Land in the squat position and then repeat the action again. Keep this continuous for the duration.

Quick fire/ Quick Feet

Squat position shoulder width apart, knees bent, back straight, weight on the balls on your feet and move your feet up and down as fast as you can. Ensure feet leave the floor everytime. 

Then 30 seconds rest! (Girl GO grab some water!!!) and REPEAT ABOVE!

Annnnnnnnd there you have it, a short but sweet home workout. 

When doing these exercises they can get difficult especially doing them for a minute, so if you need a break stop for 3 seconds count your self back in and keep going!! 

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