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For all those that have read my earlier posts, you guys will know I am a beauty therapist. I wax women and men from the neck down. Yes, I wax balls and ass cracks, the whole shbang. I actually love what I do (obviously i have some days when I’m like NOOOOOO more Vagina Lord please) for the most part like any job it has its days. I get to meet so many different kinds of people from all different walks of life. From moms to business women, students to body builders and bus drivers. I get women and men of all different shapes and sizes. The other day I had one client that made me really go home, sit back and think about myself differently. 

This client was a Mom of 4 and she came in to get a full body wax (yess that’s everything from the neck down waxed, this is actually a very popular wax to get). I could tell from the consultation that she was extremely nervous, I reassured her that she doesn’t need to be nervous at all and she was in good hands. I left the room to get my gloves and to give her time to get undressed. Anyway, when I entered the room she was lay down with the towel covering her. I waxed her arms and underarms and was about to move on to her belly and she was super embarrassed. It was like she wanted her belly waxed but didn’t want me to see it. So I asked if everything was okay. She went on to tell me she’s a mom of 4, had really bad stretch marks on her stomach and that she didn’t want me to see them because she’s so self-conscious about them. Well I stopped, stepped back and started undoing my belt. She must have thought I was trying to come onto her or something because she was so puzzled and taken back at me starting to strip for her. I lifted up my top and showed her all my stretch marks on my belly, legs, bum and back. She was in shock, she said “looking at you I would have never thought you would have stretch marks, you look like you have the perfect body.” I said “I DO...and so do you”. She went on to tell me she doesn’t come as often as she should for her wax as she thinks all the girls in my salon would judge her body because it’s changed so much since her kids. She spoke about how she literally finds herself in reception sweating and having to take deep breaths as her name is about to be called up. She sees women to her left and right that naturally working in a beauty salon are all about their appearance. She said that in her opinion that’s ‘perfection’ which further highlights her imperfections when she’s comes to our salon. What she didn’t know is half the women in my salon have had babies and on a daily basis we talk about what we would all like to change about our bodies. No woman is happy with what they have unfortunately. 


When she left after her wax she wasn’t the same person that walked into my room. I’m not saying because I showed her my stretch marks all her problems were solved but I most definitely changed the way she looked at herself and others in this environment. This interaction explained to me the term ‘beauty THERAPIST’. As I walked her out I literally pointed to each girl who had babies, one by one they all said heyyy. She said OMG I just want to hug you, I said babe I’m not a hugger but fuck it, bring it in. She will no longer come for a wax and be ashamed to undress because she is worried about what we will think. She now looks at us and knows she’s not alone. 

With that all being said I decided to write the...

      The BadGyal GyalPower Manifesto

I will stop being so nasty to myself. I will be fiercely kind to myself and others. I promise to love myself unapologetically. Instagram is not real life. I will not look at someone else’s body and judge my own. Stretch marks are beautiful, fuck what society says. Self esteem is not based on how many followers or likes you have. You’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s OKAY. I will not take myself too serious. I will laugh and smile more. I will empower other women. I will have bad days but they do not shape me. I am a woman and that is my power. - BadgyalLoLo 

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