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SnatchedByLo is a ‘NON-judgemental’ workout zone, we encourage you to go at your own pace and the only competition in these workouts is YOURSELF.

We are NOT typical PT’s, these are NOT typical workouts!
Two ex-international professional athletes that have represented their country.
(We know our stuff!)
Cardi-Lo | Full Body HIIT | Booty Resistance | Booty Pulse | ULTIMATE BOOTY BURN | Yoga | Upper Body | Step Class | Booty & A Backpack | & more


£12.50 per month(No Contract, Cancel Anytime):

21p per session!

  • 12 workouts a-week minimum: Workouts are 40mins - 60mins long. You can join in live or watch back on IGTV in your own time from anywhere.
  • Yoga & Stretch Sessions are included.
  • Weekly schedules providing time to prepare.
  • Workouts sometimes on location (Not everyday the corner of someone’s bedroom)
  • 5 DJ’s providing the best music mixes. (We encourage that you pause your workout to dance your ass off)
  • Sunday Girls Chat + special guests: Each week we have new topics ranging from Make-Up tutorials, Mental Health, Parenting to Stand Up Comedy.
  • Exclusive giveaways, offers, events and discounts.
  • Automatic hassle-free monthly payments, and a membership account to keep you in full control of your details.
  • No contract, cancel anytime.
  • Support via DM anytime. (Not just fitness, any support you need, we got you)
  • An empowering, positive community that feels more like family.


Just You!

We do weighted sessions, resistance bands, step classes but all workouts can be done with or without equipment.

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